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Added a Map of Contacts

December 2, 2007

In exploring WordPress’ widgets I have found the Platial map. This is useful to indicate the location of amateur radio stations that I have contacted. So starting with December 2007 I will add contacts to this map (free time permitting).

Although I have looked up contacts on maps before I have never regularly charted the contacts that I have made. If anyone else has done this or finds this interesting let me know.

I should make a few provisos. The locations will be for all bands and modes and for HF only and for any antenna or rig I use. The placed marker will not bee accurate beyond the town or region mentioned in the QSO. Note also that I run at QRP levels (5W or less on CW and digimodes or 10W or less on SSB). So these contacts have received my signal which typically has less power than a low energy light bulb.

Click the button to enlarge the map (which defaults to viewing Canada) and zoom out to see my worldwide contacts.

If you are one of the charted contacts then feel free to make a comment. If you want me to move the marker to a more accurate point on the map or correct a mistake I have made then let me know. You can use my e-mail address (my callsign at

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