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What can be done with 1W

December 26, 2007

In early December 2007 I had a contact with N8NVL who was surprised at how strong my 4W signal was at his location. He then proceeded to drop his power down to 1W and the received signal I had was so impressive I made a screenshot to show it here. Now, 1W will not always get through like this, but this shows if the situation is right with the various variables like propagation conditions, distance and antennas, then communication can be straight forward at 1W.

Screenshot of qso with N8NVL

Bernie, N8NVL, was located in Midland, MI and I was at the usual QTH just South of Ottawa, ON. The red stripe on the waterfall (bottom part of the screenshot) is Bernie’s signal which can easily be seen, along with a few other traces that were significantly weaker. The band was 80m, I was using a 88ft doublet and I believe Bernie was using a Windom.

If you have had similar experiences at similar low powers then feel free to add a comment and share it with others.

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