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DSTAR simplex performance

January 21, 2008

During the ARRL VHF sweepstakes I threw out a call on the local DSTAR simplex frequency of 145.600 MHz, with 25W from my IC-2200H through my collinear antenna with its base at about 20ft. Rick, VE3CVG, responded and said I was booming in. He was using 5W (from his IC-91A/D, I believe) and his collinear antenna on his tower. I dropped my power to 5W and Rick could still easily copy me. When Rick dropped to 0.5W it was too low a power and his signal was garbled for me. I am in Greely, ON (South of Ottawa) and Rick is in Cumberland, ON (East of Ottawa), the distance between us I estimate to be 35km. Not bad for a 5W to 5W QSO on 2m.

So for those using DSTAR radios, do not forget to try simplex as well as the repeaters and gateways. DSTAR may have the edge over FM when used simplex. If you have had any similar experiences of DSTAR simplex then please share them and post them in a comment below.

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  1. Greg Speakman permalink
    April 10, 2010 2:25 pm

    Alan, I got D-Rats up and running here in Bridlewood, Kanata, ON. I still have to figure out the email thing. But I can use simplex 145.670 and hit VE3JW with no problems. However I cannot hit the VA3ODG 2m repeater.

  2. Lance Hagood permalink
    December 20, 2011 3:44 am

    Back in 2008 I was listening to 145.670 D-Star with and ID-800 into a Mag Mount 5/8 wave. Admittedly I was on a very good hill west of Austin,Tx. about 300 feet above average surrounding terrain, with a 25 mile view to the north. I heard a call come in and contacted a station 60 miles northwest of Ft.Worth. He was using an 11 element beam and was trying to contact a friend in a mobile down in Ft. Worth. I just happened to hear him.
    It was about a 240 mile simplex contact. We both were running 50 watts.


  1. D-RATS a multi-platform software tool for DSTAR « VA3STL’s Weblog

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