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K3 Arrives

January 24, 2008

K3 Box

Inside this box is the Elecraft K3 that I ordered way back in May 2007. I waited patiently for it knowing it would be worth it (I already have a K2 and KX1). Elecraft was good at keeping information on the shipping status posted, so the wait was not difficult. Reports on the performance of the K3 on reviews have been excellent so far (20 reviews all 5/5).

The build will start soon and it has already forced me to clean the workbench.

I purchased the 10W version in kit form, so I will have to assemble it. It will be vastly different to building the K2 as all the electronic components are soldered to the boards and the kit comprises of basically assembling the boards, case and knobs. Construction should be a few hours. Besides the basic K3 I have the ATU and a couple of filters, one of which (the 5 pole 500Hz filter) is on back order.

M0BMN has posted a good YouTube video showing the construction of his K3, so you can see what I can look forward to.

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