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K3 Built and Running

February 4, 2008

K3 installed and working

I finished building K3 #265 towards the end of last week. The build went smoothly working an hour or two a night. I probably spent seven or so hours on it. I took pictures as I built the the transceiver and will post them on Flickr soon. Spare time has been spent getting familiar with the rig and setting it up how I want it.

The J38 straight key and Begali paddles are both plugged in. I have the line in and out for the connections to the computer, along with the serial cable. For digital modes I am using the RTS of the RS232 to switch the PTT. I will investigate if vox will work as well, I suspect it will. For microphones, you can have one plugged in the front and one in the rear. I have a light headset plugged in the back and my dynamic mic in the front. I have set a programmable front panel button for quick access to the mic selection menu item, where front, back and line in can be selected. The headset is a good quality computer headset, with noise canceling and an electret mic. You can configure the rear mic to have a bias or not, for the electret mic.

I was quite amazed at the audio quality. I use a good bookcase speaker as a monitor and certainly get better audio from the K3 than the K2. I was impressed at the clarity and detail when listening to strong 80m SSB stations. The K3 has an 8 band graphic equalizer on the receive and the transmit (they have separate settings). So you can adjust the audio for your mic and voice, as well as for your speakers.

More on the K3 will follow.

All February’s contacts, so far, were made with the K3.

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  1. February 5, 2008 2:37 pm

    Looks nice!

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