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A little shack reorganization

May 31, 2008

New shelf system for FRG-7 and K2

After adding the Elecraft K3 into the shack, which became the main shack rig, I had to reorganize the shack a little.  I needed somewhere put the K2 for operation as well as a number of QRP rigs I have.  This was also a chance to reactivate the Yaesu FRG-7 shortwave receiver.  This is a nice receiver for SW broadcast and is of late 1970, early 1980 vintage.  I actually have two as my late father had one too.  His is a later serial number than mine and I find a better receiver, so I wanted to permanently swap them so that mine would become the back-up.

To organize the radios I built another set of wooden shelves (most of the shack is homebrew!).  I had enough wood in the workshop so I broke out the biscuit jointer and made a simple free standing two shelf system out of pine. My carpentry is far from high quality, but the result of the work was adequate for the shack. I stained the pine to match the oak shelves it would sit next to (also homebrew) and last week I finally finished the varnishing and put the new shelf system on the desk.  You can see the reorganized operating position above, the new shelves are on the right and sit over the Yaesu FRG-7.  On the first shelf is the K2 and the Index Labs QRP rigs.  The top shelf has a part finished homebrew Z-match tuner (which will be featured in a later post) and an antenna tuner for the FRG-7, which has a Ten Tec T-Kit 40m QRP rig sitting on top of it.

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