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Field Day Fun

June 29, 2008

OVMRC operated from the Science and Tech. Museum, Ottawa

I took it easy this Field Day (FD) weekend and operated 1E from the home shack and visited a couple of the local club FD sites.

I helped with the set-up and take down of the Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club‘s FD operations.  This was again in the front grounds of the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa.  This year was a 2A operation and the club’s emergency trailer was deployed.  The antennas used was a 20m dipole, a vertical for 40m (actually a World War II number 19 radio set mast) and an 270 ft off-centre fed dipole.

Antennas used by the OVMRC in 2008FD

From left to right: Museum windmill exhibit, #19 set mast as 40m vertical, VE3EJJ’s tent and mast with 20m dipole.

In the evening, on Saturday, I visited the Manotick Amateur Radio Group‘s 5A set-up and met the FD operations organizer Bob, VE3MPG, who is a regular reader of this blog.  I was impressed with their operations at Long Island Marina in Kars, on the banks of the Rideau River.  The group had an impressive arrangement of antennas including  a 3 element yagi for 20m, which was mounted on a mast which had its base in the Rideau River at the end of one of the docks.  See the photographs below.

Manotick amateur radio group\'s 20m yagi with the mast in the Rideau River

Base of the mast in the Rideau RIver

I was good to meet Bob, VE3MPG,  face-to-face for the first time and to see his PSK31 set-up in operation.  I was so impressed with his PAR electronics end fed antenna that I will be ordering one soon.  He reported that it worked very well on the bands during FD and he got good signal reports. I was also impressed with his FT-950 but do not have the funds to order one of those!

As for my own operations as a 1E, they were very modest.  I ran the K3 on battery power and mostly operated on 6m.  I talked to a few stations and had some good chats with locals in the Ottawa area, as well as one in Northern New York State.  Furthest 6m contact was to a station in the Maritimes, East coast Canada.

The original plan had been to put the tent up in the backyard and operate from there.  However, the weather was so bad that it was not worth the effort.  A good move as a storm occurred early Sunday morning.

Next event, the RAC Canada Day contest on July 1st.

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  1. Bob VE3MPG permalink
    July 3, 2008 2:46 pm

    Hi Alan,

    Nice synopsis of the Field Day operations of the various clubs. Glad to finally meet you too and we did have quite a long chat – hmmm, I wonder how many qso’s I missed during our ragchew? It was fun anyway and as you probably surmised I am not a serious contester. I like the hands on techy stuff to do with antennas, interfaces, getting generators ready and keeping them running and for that weekend keeping dry and making sure lightning stayed out of the trailer. I wrote Dale Parfitt about how well his 40m end fed did and he appreciated the feedback – I was really impressed with the ease of setup and the number of contacts that did comment on the strong sigs. All in all a great effort for our club and haven’t heard our score yet. Cheers!


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