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Two Alaskan amateur radio activities make the news

July 29, 2008

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Unalaska, Alaska

Two Alaskan amateur radio activities have caught the news recently.  The first is a DXpedition to a volcanic Aleutian Island and the second is the Arctic Circle special event.

The activation of a previously unactivated Aleutian Island by a small group of Russian amateurs is reported by Anne Hillman of KIAL, a public radio station in Unalaska, Alaska.  The report is available in mp3 format and is a good introduction to DXpeditioning to those unfamiliar with the activity.  In the report Anne mentions the volcanic activity around the island.  It turns out that this activity increased and proved to make the DXpedition eventful when she joined the Russians on their trip to the island, to activate it for the recent IOTA event.  This was subsequently reported on CBC’s As It Happens radio program.  Listen to the start of the second part of the 29th July’s broadcast for an interview with Anne as she explains the difficulties the DXpedition faced.  An enjoyable insight into the tenacity of the Russian DXpeditioners.This is a road sign marking the location of th...

The 2008 Alaska Hamfest is to take place from the 1st to 4th August in Anchorage. At the hamfest there will be a special event station with the callsigns, KL7AA/KL7JFU. Linked to the hamfest is an Arctic Circle special event station using the famous W1AW callsign.  Look out for W1AW/KL7 which will operate until the 10th August 2008. Here is a good opportunity to catch two special events, as well as chances of putting ‘Alaska’ in the log.

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