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Example of Elecraft’s Customer Service

November 20, 2008
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The fault in the K3 was in the top board with the two D connectors.

Elecraft has a strong reputation for good customer service and here is an example why.  A few weeks ago my K3 developed a fault, it would not switch off. After pressing the power button to switch off the rig, it would straight away power back up again.  Out of all the possible faults a transceiver could have this is a good one, as I could still use the K3, but of course it needed to be fixed.

I contacted Elecraft and had a prompt reply suggesting to remove the digital i/o board (see the above photograph).  This worked, after taking out that board the K3 would switch off.  Back went a message and within a few hours I had a confirmation a new board would be sent out to me.  It took a little over a week for the replacement board to get from California to Ontario. It was straight forward to put in and once again the K3 was fully functional.

Now, here is one of the advantages of a kit transceiver.  You have a chance of fixing it yourself, so you do not have to worry about getting it to a service centre or the manufacturer – of course you can still send a problem rig back to Elecraft, should you need or want to.  After fixing my K3 I wondered how long it would have taken to have had a transceiver fixed from one of the big three Japanese manufacturers.  Nothing against their products or support, but their equipment will have to go back to a service centre. That will cost time and money and likely both would be more than it cost me to have my K3 fixed.

Finally, I should point out that this is the first post-build problem I have encountered with three Elecraft radios (KX1, K2 and K3), the oldest having been used since 2002.  In my experience, these rigs do not fail easily and perform very well.

Thank you Elecraft for the support!

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