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Talking to Australia on the commute to work

January 20, 2009

The skyline of Perth, Western Australia. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

The skyline of Perth, Western Australia. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

This morning on the commute to work I joined a conversation with Dale, VE3XZT, and John, VK6NOW using the local D-Star repeater, VA3ODG.  John had linked into the Ottawa repeater through the Perth, Western Australia, repeater.  Later Steve, VK6ST, joined the chat.

There was a variety of D-Star transceivers being used, IC-91AD, IC-92D, IC-2820 between us and all functioned very well.  Indeed, there was some comment on how well the audio was from each of the stations.  I have found the D-Star repeater connections to give much better audio than through IRLP links. When a station comes in through a linked D-Star repeater, it sounds no different than if they were local.

It was enjoyable to chat to a couple of Australian amateurs and note the differences between our two locations.  Dale and myself were commuting to work in the morning, with the temperature around -10°C in Ottawa.  John and Steve in Perth were at the end of their day, around 11pm, with a temperature of 20°C.

This made me realize that I do not use the VA3ODG repeater enough,  as well as link to other  D-Star repeaters around the World.  I will try and do more.  If you want to chat with me through D-Star, feel free to contact me so we can set up a sked.

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