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More D-RATS testing

March 24, 2009

D-RATS with map and main windows open

D-RATS with map and main windows open

Last night I ran my D-RATS beacon on one of the local D-STAR simplex frequencies 145.670MHz.  I had chatted to Dale, VE3XZT, on  VA3ODG D-STAR repeater earlier that day and arranged to test simplex communication between our stations using D-RATS, including the mapping function.

The test went well. Dale used his IC-91AD with external amplifier and I used my IC-2200H.  We could ‘ping’ each others stations, as well as send our respective locations to each other.  You can see in the screenshot above some of the results of the test.

Full credit has to go to Dan Smith, KI4IFW.  In just over a year he has brought about a multi-platform tool that allows users of D-STAR radios to use

  • message style chat,
  • file and image transfer,
  • mapping, including map overlays,
  • remote access to e-mail,
  • ‘pinging’ of stations to determine availability and accessibility;

all at the same time as having voice communications available.  I know I have listed the possibilities before, but they are worth repeating as they draw together so many aspects together in one package (and no TNC needed).

If you are curious about my OS it is xubuntu.

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