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Minimal Art Session Contest

April 23, 2009
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PAL Colour Burst Crystal

PAL Colour Burst Crystal

The 10th Minimal Art Session contest is scheduled for the 21st May, 2009 which is organised by the German based QRP Contest Community. This is an interesting contest as its focus is the use of low parts count transmitters and tranceivers, to establish contacts. Bonus percentages are given for how far under you are with the parts count.  The number of components you are allowed is based on two classifications as defined in the rules, which state:

CLASS A:   TX+RX resp. TRX consisting of not more than 100 components
CLASS B:   TX consisting of not more than 50 components,  RX as you like

Quite an original idea for a contest, which requires the submission to include a circuit diagram with the components numbered on it.

The band for the contest is 80m.  So break out the colour burst crystals and build a Pixie, OXO, Oner, Flea or  similar type of minimalist rig, you have a couple of weekends left. Alternatively search the 80m band for  “CQ MAS…” on the 21st May and give out some contacts.  I expect the colour burst crystal freq. of 3.580 MHz and the QRP freq. of 3.560 MHz are good areas to centre around if you are looking for MAS stations. Don’t forget these stations will be rare and running QRP or QRPp.  Post a comment here if you work any, or if you are going to run a MAS rig (include your QTH to help others know if you are within range to be possibly heard).

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