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VK QRSS signal received

February 11, 2010

Been using my QRSS receive system again and found VK2ZAY’s QRSS signal on the screen the last two mornings, around 8am local time.  It is a little weak but the call is clearly visible. (With weak frequency shift keyed CW (FSKCW) it is worth looking at both the upper and lower frequency to determine the characters).

QRSS signal from VK2ZAY

QRSS signal from VK2ZAY

Alan, VK2ZAY, is located in Sydney, Australia and his QRSS signal comes in very clear at the same time in the morning on KL1X’s Alaskan grabber.

Also received yesterday and today is AA5CK signal, now with bursts of a triangular wave separating the FSKCW and dual frequency CW (DFCW).  See my earlier post about the DFCW.

AA5CK's QRSS signal

AA5CK's QRSS signal

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  1. February 14, 2010 2:39 am

    Great to see my signal getting up to you there in VA-land!

    Thanks for the signal report Alan. I really need to get of my butt and build a QRSS RX facility. I have a poor noise floor, but some recent experiments with loop antennas show some promise. I’ve got all the bits, it is just a matter of sitting down and implementing it… One day soon perhaps.

    As discussed in my email, my output power is 1.5 Watts, but how much of that is radiated I need to measure at some point because my antenna is quite small.

    Alan VK2ZAY

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