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HP 200CD manual and HP catalogue from 1955

February 14, 2010

HP 200CD and manual

HP 200CD and manual

A recent acquisition to the shack has been an original manual for the HP 200CD, a 5 to 600 kHz signal generator which I have mentioned in a previous post.  The manual is copyright in 1955.  This is a great addition as it not only has details of the operation of the signal generator but also information for its maintenance, including schematic, full parts list and details of the rack mount version.

The real bonus for me was finding a short form HP catalogue bound in the back of the manual, again copyright 1955.

1955 HP short form catalogue

Here are six pages of instruments and related equipment  with prices.  I see that the HP 200CD sold for a $150 in 1955.  Using a consumer price index the relative worth in 2008 would be around $1,200.  To calculate the relative worth I used the website (which at the time of writing only would give values up to the year 2008).  The signal generators for 10 MHz to 21 GHz pictured below have prices ranging from just below $1000 to $3000.  Using we can see that $1000 in 1955 can be calculated as equivalent to around $8000 in 2010.

1955 HP catalogue showing signal generators

Signal generators from HP in 1955

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