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Iroquois Hamfest 2010

April 4, 2010

Iroquois hamfest April 2010

Iroquois hamfest at the Iroquois Civic Centre

The Iroquois hamfest starts the local hamfest season here in the Ottawa area. I ventured down there yesterday (Saturday 3rd April) with Gerry, VA3GLT, and my daughter to see what we could find and who we could meet.

The weather has been exceptionally warm in the last few days and so driving down through the Eastern Ontario countryside on a sunny day in April on a day with a high temperature of 28°C was wonderful.  Especially as I was just getting over a cold that had started on the Thursday at work and which had me feeling low all of Good Friday.  Still, resting on Friday had helped and I felt much better on Saturday.

Iroquois is a small town on the Canadian side of the St Lawrence River.  The hamfest is in the Civic Centre and is organized on by the Iroquois Amateur Radio Club.  This year it was busy as soon as doors were open and it was good to see that all tables were full (indeed one vendor had been located on the stage) and there were plenty of people in attendance.  This year I was pleased to see that there were more dealers, notably Durham Radio, as well as the regulars of Radio HF and Macfarlane.

It was good to see many familiar faces from the Ottawa area and to get to chat to them.  Including fellow bloggers, Bob, VA3QV, and Bob, VE3MPG. For the first hour and a half it was very full and bustling.  There was chance to buy new items and some used items and I bought a little from both groups. Purchases were:

  • ‘The VHF/UHF Handbook’ by the RSGB and edited by Andy Barter, G8ATD. I always buy a book at each hamfest it extends my reading, library and the list of potential projects.
  • A Pryme AL-800 telescopic HT antenna.  I had read in QRP Quarterly about these being used for satellite work, and I may give it a try.
  • Anderson powerpoles and coax seal.  I needed more of these.
  • A used Icom-255A 2m FM rig.  In very good cosmetic condition and it will likely be used for APRS work at the Carleton University Amateur Radio Club.
  • Finally, the find of the day was a very good condition copy of  ‘Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur’ by Wes Hayward, W7ZOI, and Doug Demaw, W1FB, published by the ARRL and no longer in print.  This book is becoming highly sought after by QRP and homebrew enthusiasts and I was very pleased to find a copy.  Anyone familiar with the work of the authors will know this is a gem of a book.
The Iroquois locks

The Iroquois locks

The day finished up with a visit to the nearby locks on the St Lawrence.  Unfortunately no freight ships passing through to show my daughter, but we did get a good view of an osprey passing overhead and the gift shop in the adjacent park was open for ice cream!

A great morning out.  Thanks to the Iroquois Amateur Radio Club for organizing the hamfest.

For another report on the hamfest see VA3QV’s blog.

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