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My 30m QRSS signal reaches Australia

April 22, 2010
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VA3STL on the VK2/VK6DI Grabber

This morning I checked the grabbers to see if the signal from my QRSS beacon was showing up on any of  them.  I could see a weak trace that looked like mine which was dropping into David’s, VK2/VK6DI, grabber station located in Berry Mountain, New South Wales.  After a few more refreshes the signal was clearer, if still a little noisy, as can be seen above. Bruce’s, W1BW, ‘flying W’ signal was almost exactly on the same frequency as my trace and he was coming in very strong.  His signal makes a good marker as to where to find mine.  Bruce’s beacon is located in Concord, MA not far from my QTH, compared to the distance to Australia.

David replied with a nice message to an e-mail I sent to him and  the QRSS Knights list.

Hi Alan,

Yes I saw a signal in there, under Bruce.  You are doing well at 160
mW.  Nice going!

Somewhat surprising the strength of the USA stations sig’s in my grab.
My antenna is an Inv-V at 6M AGL, and favoring the UK.  So not so good
for the USA.

30M seems in great shape.  Static building up here in a clear sky with
rain forecast for Sat / Sun, so may need to pull the ant, and QRT during
that period.

Have fun!



It is good to have not only received QRSS signals from Australia but to have my own signal received there.  The calculated distance between grid squares is 9933 miles or 15985 km.  Not bad for 160mW!

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