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My elusive QRSS signal

April 30, 2010

Received signals at ON5SL station, JO10tt

Received signals at ON5SL station, JO10tt. VA3STL is the bottom trace.

I have had my QRSS beacon running for a week or two now and it surprises me how elusive it can be currently.  It rarely appears on the grabbers that are around the world when I check them.  Even when I check Vernon’s VE1VDM grabber, when it is on 30m, my signal is often not showing even though his station is relatively close. A few months ago my signal would regularly be on his display.  Then I get a nice capture like the recent Australian sighting or the one recently reported by Pierre ON5SL and shown above. It was captured  at 0115UTC  29th April 2010 in Etikhove, Belgium, JO10tt.

I suppose these changes in reception of my signal, compared to past months and years, is an indication of the changing propagation conditions.

For those of you who have stumbled on to this post and wondering what QRSS is, it is slow speed CW with the signal visually displayed as a dit is 3s long. Signals are mostly on 30m (10.140MHz) and transmitters are almost always less than 1W in power, mine is 160mW. You can get more details on QRSS here.

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