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Report on my QRSS signal from Michigan

May 27, 2010

QRSS report from AJ8T

Thad, AJ8T, sent me a nice report on my 30m 160mW QRSS signal.  A screenshot of what he received is above and clearly shows the ‘a3stl’ part of my signal.  In his e-mail he reported

It was received about 20:40Z on May 26,2010 using Spectran, a Signalink interface, a Yaesu FT-897d and an 80m horizontal loop up about 10m fed by ladder line. I’m located in Sturgis, Michigan (grid EN71hs) half way between Chicago and Detroit.

My transmitter has been running continuously now for a few weeks and it is good to see how stable it is. For those readers unfamiliar with QRSS those frequency changes that give the CW are about 5 or 6 Hz steps. Which gives an idea of the stability, as well as the challenge to detect these signals (the 30m QRSS ‘band’ is just 100Hz wide).

He also reported that he too will be putting a QRSS transmitter on the air soon.  I look forward to seeing AJ8T’s signal on the grabbers.

Thanks for the report Thad!

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