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Over 2000 miles on 80m with the Warbler

December 27, 2010


Screenshot of QSO with KG6ASY

Last night was a good night with the Warbler, with five contacts made using PSK31 on 80m. The locations of the contacts were varied; Ontario, Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey and also Nevada.  This last one was a real surprise as checking the distance between myself and KG6ASY in Washoe, NV, revealed it was a little over 2,200 miles.  As the power out from the Warbler is 3W, it has not yet reached 1000 miles per watt but it is getting close. Tim, KG6ASY gave me a 549 report and his signal was 579 for me.

There is some DX coming in too on 80m  as I saw a French and a Spanish station on the waterfall last night.

The Warbler is proving to be a fun transceiver to use during the night on 80m.

Finished Warbler in box

Finished Warbler in box

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  1. Jeff, KE9V permalink
    December 27, 2010 2:27 pm

    Congrats on your success with the Warbler.

    Curious if you are using an antenna tuner with it?

    73 de Jeff

    • va3stl permalink*
      December 27, 2010 3:42 pm

      Thanks for the comment Jeff.

      Yes, using my homebrew Z-match tuner. The antenna is an 88ft doublet fed mostly with ladderline, but with a short run of coax from the tuner to the outside of the shack. The transition between coax to ladderline is done with an Elecraft BL2 balun set to 4:1.


  2. Jeff, KE9V permalink
    December 27, 2010 7:38 pm

    Sounds good, I’ve been thinking about a Warbler but didn’t know how I might match it until I thought about it being a single “channel” transceiver and would be easier to match with a tuner than I had initially thought. Might see you soon on a Warbler!

    73 es have fun.

    Jeff, KE9V

  3. WB4LNM permalink
    December 29, 2010 2:37 am

    Hi Alan;

    Congratulations on your DX with really low powers. You seem to have a fairly recently constructed Warbler. I’ve just finished a bunch of searching tonight to try and find at least the printed circuit board for the Warbler with no luck. It appears that SWL no longer produces the kit, and all sorts of searches for just the PW board or even the artwork have been for naught. Do you know of any sources of the PWB (preferred) or artwork (can do this if I have to)? Thanks and 73.

    • va3stl permalink*
      December 29, 2010 3:48 pm

      Tnx for the comment John.

      I had this kit from Small Wonder Labs (SWL) sitting unbuilt on the shelf for a few years and only finished it this year. Yes, SWL does not have these available currently. They may have permanently discontinued them as I believe Mitsubishi has stopped producing the final transistors. However, a Chinese company, Eleflow, is now producing the 2SC2166 so if you want to get the parts for your own Warbler you can. You can get the Eleflow transistors through a British seller on ebay (assuming he is still selling them). The transistors are not counterfeit (i.e. marked as Mitsubishi) and perform well as shown on this video. A video of the issue of counterfeit Mitsubishi transistors can be found here. IF you search an auction website I recommend you put in ‘Eleflow’ in your search terms if you are looking for the 2SC2166.

      As for the artwork, sorry I do not have it. The circuit is not too complex and I am sure you could homebrew one ‘ugly’ style over a sheet of un-etched copper pcb. Alternatively, try contacting Dave Benson at SWL who may be able to help you. I think the NJ QRP Club may have the copyright on the board.


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