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New DVAP dongle

May 13, 2010


I recently acquired a DV access point (DVAP) dongle from HRO.  This is a very interesting piece of D-STAR equipment.  It is a 2m transceiver that is connected via a USB 2.0 port to a computer, which has to be connected to the internet. This then allows the dongle to be effectively a simplex repeater passing D-STAR signals on and off the D-STAR network.   So using my IC-91AD HT I can link to either D-STAR gateway repeaters or reflectors and talk to other operators.  The audio quality is very good.  I have heard other operators using theirs and I have had good reports when using mine. Output power is 10mW (but can be lower) and I can link to the dongle from around the house.  So I can make contacts around the World on the D-STAR network from the comfort of an armchair or whilst sitting outside on the deck.

The device is made in the USA and it is very well put together and packaged.  Even the supplied USB cable was a quality molex brand cable. (Please note you must own a 2m D-STAR radio to use a DVAP, it will not convert FM to D-STAR.  If you do not have a D-STAR radio consider the DV Dongle.)

Here are a few videos that talk about the DVAP dongle.

First an overview from the US National Capital Radio D-Star Association.  They talk about the DVAP dongle for about the first 2 minutes then go on to talk about other equipment.

Next a detailed DVAP demonstration by Tim, G4VXE,

Finally HRO has them in stock!

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